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Learn how to change your life through simple habits and decisions. 
Russ Perry did it, and teaches you how to do it too.
You are addicted.
The good news is everyone else is too.
Time to break the cycle and change your family tree.
Our relationship with alcohol can be complicated, to say the least. Most of Western civilization has glorified the experience into the upper echelons of social agreements, yet millions of us struggle with the substance.

For the married, entrepreneurial man, things are only more difficult. As pressures mount from our home, family relationships, and business demands, addictions are rampant. Addiction to alcohol, substances and even worse, finding ourselves addicted to a professional prison of our own creation.

The Sober Entrepreneur is a powerful book uncovering one man's journey from the pits of rock bottom and through his commitment to the ultimate life hack: sobriety. Russ Perry shares an unedited account of his decision to quit drinking and break the cycle of addiction with his dysfunctional business.
Stop living your life on hard-mode!
- Discover the ultimate life hack on living life to its fullest potential 
- Uncover the exact steps Russ took to forever change his family tree
- Gain a daily blueprint for living a life of expansion and creation
meet the man behind the book
My name is Russ Perry. For most of my adult life, I struggled to get clear on what I wanted. I had a secret too. I was addicted. Addicted to my business, addicted to the hustle, and most destructive of all, addicted to alcohol. 

In my book – I uncover the real and raw truth of my journey from rock bottom to getting sober and building an eight-figure empire in less than 4 years.

Join me – and change your family tree.
Russ Perry

Thousands of lives have already been changed. 
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100% 5-Star Reviewed On
Russ doesn't hold back!
Review By Jacob Jorgovan
Russ lets it all loose in this book and shares his hard story with addiction. It's a great message that can help any entrepreneur struggling with an addiction of any kind.
Even if your vice isn't alcohol, 
read this book!
Review By Aaron Spence
This book, and by extension, Russ, came in to my life at the right time. It isn't a fancy text with huge words and super advanced concepts. It shines through with simple language and an honesty that is rare. Russ achieved much, but almost lost even more than he had because he got caught up in a cycle of negativity.

There are very few men In business these days who have the courage to tackle the real issues and real problems of addiction that business men face.

Russ Perry is one of the few.

Garrett J. White – Founder of Wake Up Warrior

Russ is brutally raw and honest.

Peter Shankman – Author & Founder of HARO, ShankMinds

I couldn't put it down - I literally read the book in one sitting (which I never do) because of Russ's mix of incredible storytelling, vulnerability, and actionable takeaways. Very very few books I've ever read hit all three of those (most books only have one of them).

Erik Jacobson - Review

Russ' ability to be vulnerable while equally demonstrating great strength is impressive and inspiring. He creates a nonjudgemental space for you to hold up a mirror to yourself and evaluate your own habits and socially normalized tendencies to self-sedate with alcohol or other substances.

Hannah Smith - Review
What's inside the book •
Sample Pages •
This book will change your life and change what you believe is possible inside the conversation of addiction, sobriety, and entrepreneurship.
The top three most important things that you will learn:
  • How everyone is addicted and how you can break free from the cycle.
  • The step-by-step method Russ Perry used to get sober and stay sober, while building an eight-figure business, managing a family and staying married.  
  • How to systematically upgrade your life across beyond getting sober – creating the life of your dreams
Page 33. The mathematical case for sobriety. Hint: it saves an insane amount of time!
Page 85. Understand the power of an abundance mindset – and the dangers of a scarcity mindset.
Page 71. We all hit rock bottom. The question is where do you go from there?
Page 135. How to rebuild your daily routines.
This is it. 
The time is now. Break free from the addictions that have been holding you back and forever change your family tree!
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